Event Christmas Event 2022


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Nov 6, 2022

Event valid Until 17 Jan 2023 10:00PM CET

During the event time you can enjoy free buffs from our xMass Tree in Aven (x: 310, y: 388).
Additionally, Santa has visited our lands, and he's willing to reward with a gift whoever
helps him fight the evil monsters who attempts to ruin the xMass spirit.


Many corrupted trees and enemies, has scattered across our Eternal Lands
and they are attempting to steal the xMass spirit!
Santa will reward anyone who joins in the fight against the evil!

Find the evil trees, scattared across the land in all maps (up to lv60)
and collect Yula Tree Seeds, trade them to Santa in Aven (x: 304, y: 388).
10 seeds will grant you a magnificent EXP or CP boost for 30 minutes.


xMass Boss Fight

Every 3 hours <Evil Soultree King> Helliday will appear at Aven (x: 449, y: 524)
Defeat the boss to win event rewards.

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